Business Analysis

Business Studies is a comprehensive study that examines the viability of an idea that has business potential and advanced to a stage where the prospective project is socially responsible,commercially viable and feasible business opportunity exit,analysing all relevant factors like economic,technical,legal, and schedule to know the proposed idea’s practicability,to judge how a company can avoid risk factors.

Benefits Of Business Analysis

Analysis of influencing factors and potential benefits

Avoid confusion and risks

Determine if a market for a product exists

Determine if the business idea is profitable

Directs business channels in the right direction

Estimates costs of fixed assets: Land, Machinery, Equipment, Furniture and Fixtures

Estimates costs of running expenses: Salaries, Overhead, and Utilities

Helps in identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and (SWOT analysis)

Helps to narrow down the various action plans

Identify risks and solutions before the project

Projection of revenue and profit

Provides proper planning and strategic vision

Understand the financial matters before any crisis

Understand the processes and procedures