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A digital method summarising the details of the due output tax obligation and the recoverable total input tax obligation for the specified tax period through the National Bureau for Revenue (NBR). VAT(Value Added Tax) is an indirect tax imposed on goods and services and imports. Through the input VAT deduction principle, the VAT is calculated as sales tax and balanced with the input VAT and output VAT. Being the Arabian Gulf’s leading Sovereign nation, Bahrain is a successful economic region. By monitoring the TAX implementations keenly, the Bahrain government provides a business-friendly environment attracting foreign investors. VAT is classified as Standard Rate, Zero-rate, and Nil rate. A standard rate of VAT at 10% will be demanded on all the supplies of businesses registered under Bahrain VAT which requires some of which are zero-rated or exempt from the VAT.

How can we help

Periodic visit(weekly/monthly, quarterly) to assist in needed pieces of information for VAT return filing as per the Bahrain VAT law.

Assist in preparing VAT Return as per the Bahrain VAT law provisions with minimal Tax liability.

Assist in reviewing all your business transactions and Reconciling your VAT return with the account books.

Review of agreements, contracts, and documents.

Review all transactions and submit a management report.

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Vat Registration

Vat Calculation

Vat Planning

Vat Returns

Ensure Timely Filing

Understand Your Business Activity Type

Check Where Your Business Activity Stands In Vat List