When failures occur frequently, it is necessary to consider restructuring your business by analysing the current business situation, supporting our clients, and monitoring associated factors. Business restructuring is essential when there occurs insolvency, bankruptcy occurs, or the need to reduce costs. We relate the focus of business restructuring to the borrowers, lenders, and shareholders of the company. Short-term liquidity requirements, estimations, and risks are considered.

Business Consultancy is for:

What All Does Business Consultancy Include?

Financial Restructuring

Through our financial restructuring service, we advise, assist, negotiate, and implement the financial restructuring.

Operational Restructuring

With an objective focused strategy that operates holistically and intelligently to support business plans, cost reduction, project, and operational ambitions.

Working Capital Management

Analysing working capital, future strategy, liquidity management, capital management, effective management solutions.

Forecasting and cash management - Short term cash flow

We prompt awareness and support our clients to forecast and manage cash in a distressful situation, and obtain new financial facilities.

Optimized Exits

We focus on realizing the true value of portfolio assets by developing a business plan to make tough decisions. Implementing long-term business strategy, especially in market uncertainties. We also develop new capabilities and reformulate existing mindsets.

Why Choose Us?

We understand your business and the challenges it faces. Through commitment and cooperation, we help companies overcome obstacles and restructure procedures for the best result.

Our Services

Business Planning

Valuation And Analysis

Restructuring Advice

Contingency Planning And Insolvency

Corporate Simplification/ Liquidation

Reviewing The Financial Aspects Of Distressed Or Insolvent Businesses

Investment Liquidation

Compulsory And Voluntary Liquidation Of Insolvent Companies

Turnaround Advice To Reorganize Businesses


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