Building Booming Business

With a friendly, economical, supportive and affordable environment and lifestyle, Bahrain provides an easy platform to build booming businesses. Let it be a branch opening or expansion of your business boundary. We help in your finances and labour.

What Do We Do?

Assist in all your requirements and documents

Assist in all procedures to start-up a business in Bahrain

Assist in applying the required materials

Assist in Commercial Certificate

Why In Bahrain?

Business-friendly environment

Multi-cultural interaction

Learning facilities

Economical yet quality living standards

Benefits Of Company Registration In Bahrain

Free Trade Agreement: Since 2006, Bahrain has signed a free trade agreement with the USA, highly beneficial for foreign investment in Bahrain.

Member of Different Treaties: Bahrain is a member of different forms of treaties and agreements across the world including being a member of the United Nations Convention, a trade member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), owning co-operative relationships with other countries, member of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) providing different forms of incentives for an applicant planning to go for company registration in Bahrain.

Tax Exemption: A company incorporated in Bahrain is TAX exempted from different forms of tax like corporate tax, withholding tax, dividend tax, and incorporated in Bahrain Free Zone gets benefits related to customs duties.

Flourished Financial Sector: Bahrain is a fast fast-developing hub as Islamic finance is fast-growing in Bahrain and contributes to the economy.

Double Taxation Agreements: Bahrain has developed many double taxation agreements with other countries including UK and US benefitting the investors as they would not be taxed twice.

How Do We Assist You?

We assist in applying ultra-modern techniques to resolve all your business formation matters

We offer complete registration assisment for businesses like Commercial Registration (CR) services and Economical Substance Regulations (ESR) services in Bahrain

We advice on critical issues and opportunities including strategy, marketing, transformation, digital, organization, technology, sustainability, and much more


We assist to register your company

We find a suitable business partner

We help to complete your start-up formalities