Real estate is a cash investment of the future. A property deserves consideration for its location, type, size, and valuation purposes such as listing sales, financing, taxes, property insurance, etc.

We consider

Economic and Social trends,

Government controls and Regulations,

Environmental conditions and Sustainability,

Demand and Supply, and

Facilities and Scarcity before making any important decision.

As RERA and RICS Registered valuers and associate members, we have both international and local knowledge of the real estate market and standards; we value the different properties for various purposes, such as loan security, financial audit, project development, feasibility studies, and litigation.
We provide valuation reports in both languages (Arabic and English) according to your needs and gather the right data to support your purpose of valuation, to provide a comprehensive report that complies with RERA for your highest and best use.


Commercial and Retail properties

Development Projects

Government and Public assets

Hotels and Resorts

Mixed-use Properties

Plants and Warehouses

Specialised Properties


Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures¬† …

To decide whether to include commercial real estate in your …

To determine the investment on an industrial real estate …

It is a careful task to decide whether to include …

Contents Of A Valuation Report

Extensive information about the valuation process, including methods and approaches used.

Assumptions made and sources engaged for key data (all extra data avoiding the auditor to request additional information).

Valuation is mostly required For

Companies and development projects

Government stations

Hospitality and Health care centres

Industries and refineries

Leisure assets

Public properties

Residential and compounds

Retail and commercial

Schools and Educational centres

Stores and warehouses

Under-construction projects and vacant lands