An organization outlines a plan mentioning the general guidelines to tackle an issue, called policy. This policy communicates the organization’s vision, values, and daily operations in connection. A procedure states the specific action following the policy. For the employer’s operations, there must be a well-prepared business vision, mission, and values to refer to, this is called policies and procedures. The clarity in the work environment reduces the organization’s dependency on individuals. Crisp and compact processes are always helpful. Policies and procedures are in their best form when we analyze the existing structure, input and output documents, analyze the gap and analyze the current structure and status. That is how we fit into your company culture and yield the output.

Policies And Procedures Includes

Operational Processes

Human Resources

Information Technology


Regulatory /Compliance

Operational and strategic needs

Why Set Policies And Procedures

EARNING AN EFFICIENT EMPLOYEE: An efficient employee will only be owned with strong procedures and a critical operational expert.

PREPARE A PERFECT APPROACH: Our approach involves documentation, identification of gaps in documentation, and recognition of processes requiring documentation.

Documentation is done according to a particular standard and stable layout, naming convention, customized template, and e.t.c

Understand current and available documents

Create brand specified customized template

Identify document gaps

Compile the documents

Define or Modify the supporting documents: Supporting documents include the forms, checklists, templates that have to be modified and defined keeping in mind their requirement to be kept together and efficient.

What Do We Do?

Standard Operating Procedures

SOP is the best way to quench the owner’s clarification and doubts. We check all the matters in detail and with high precision eliminating all the gaps identified with proper solutions.

Prepare Policy Manuals

For the smooth operation of the Board, Resolution team, and other members a proper policy manual must be prepared. This affects HR, IT, Sales, Supply, Finance, Audit, e.t.c. Corporate Governance manuals and the Delegation of Authority matrix are also affected.

Prepare ERP Implementation

If a company needs a new ERP or wants to update the existing one, we help them with the procedure. By identifying the processes and matching them to the ERP models, the final ERP is prepared.