Industrial Valuation

The Benefit Of Industrial Valuation

Improves Decision Making from Accurate Financial Data

Provides Owners with the industrial business’ Market Value

Gives Stakeholders More Assurance

Get A True Value for your Industrial Property

From distribution hubs to factories and power stations to warehouses, the industrial and logistics sector is undergoing huge change. Conventional heavy industries remain pivotal in the economy and our experience in this sector enables our team to achieve our client’s needs by providing a perfect valuation report. A perfect valuation is a combination of investment market analysis and compliance with local and global standards. We have experience in the local and global industrial -sector to provide an accurate, reliable, of your property’s value.

Industrial Valuation usually is for

Factories and Plants


Production facilities

Oil and gas installations

Power facilities

Distribution depots

Maritime facilities

Industrial land


Investment method: by reference to comparable rents and yields.
The cash flow that remains after debt service, which is then divided by the cost of the investment in question.

Direct comparison: by reference to sales of comparable vacant freehold buildings/sites.
This simplest method considers the recent sales data for comparable properties by seeking recently sold buildings with similar properties from the same market area.

Residual method: development sites – Net Development Value of a scheme, less the costs to create it. Check residual appraisals against comparable land sales (i.e. direct comparison) where possible.

Depreciated replacement cost (DRC): applicable when valuing specialist property, for which there is no identifiable market, for accounts purposes only.

Based on the analysis of the property based on its highest and best use this approach considers the cost to rebuild the structure from scratch considering the current value of the associated land as well as the construction material(i.e land price + the construction costs)and other costs that would be associated with the replacement of the existing structure.

Factors that might affect the value


Impact Damage

Floor Damage

Roof Condition


Site Location

Shape And Clear Space