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Management Consultancy services include the advisory and/or implementation services provided to the senior management concerning the business effectiveness, organizational performance, operational procedures, e.t.c. A perfect management consultant can advise on strategies and organizational matters. Management consultancy services include Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Organizational Development, Facilitation, and Organizational Change Management. Management operations execute as problem definition, approach, data gathering, data analysis, advice, and implementation.

Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance by gaining external advice. Consultants function as bridges for information and knowledge, consultant engagement is engaged mainly with the aim to find hidden weak spots and improve performance, mostly aimed at solving problems identified by business owners. We have specialised skills for tasks that would involve high internal coordination costs, such as organization-wide changes or implementing information technology.

Our Management Consultancy services are

Advisory and implementation services provided to the senior management concerning the business effectiveness, organizational performance, and operational procedures.

Advice on strategies and organizational matters to improve the outcome.

Strategic Planning for new business provides a clear vision of the future business.

Organisational Development by monitoring each department's performance.

Operational implementation by setting proper procedures according to the company's structure.

Data Analysis helps in identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis).

Management approaches and methods

Add we can assist you in

Public relations and communication

Accounting methods or procedures, cost accounting programmes, budgetary control procedures

On businesses and public services in planning, organization, efficiency and control, management information etc

On business policy and strategy concerns and the overall planning, structuring and control of an organisation

Financial Consultancy

Working capital and liquidity management, determination of an appropriate capital structure

Analysis of capital investment proposals

Asset management

Development of accounting systems and budgeting and budgetary controls

Financial consulting services related to mergers, acquisitions etc. such as advice on methods of valuations, methods of payment, methods of control, international finance

Design and development services for accounting and administration systems

Marketing consulting

Analysis and formulation of a marketing strategy

Formulation of customer service programmes, pricing, advertising and distribution channels

Sales management and sales staff training

Organisation of marketing channels (sale to wholesalers or directly to retailers, direct mail, franchise etc.), package design and other matters related to the marketing strategy and operations of an organisation

Human resources management consulting services

Office automation, such as the selection and installation of automated systems

Product development, quality assurance and quality management

Plant safety, security and protection

Logistic Management

Inventory management logistic consulting, that is keeping track of the existing inventory, determining the most effective inventory requirements for a client

Distribution and transportation logistic consulting, including the processes used by a client to store, handle, and move goods within an organisation, to ship goods from the client to the customers

Warehousing and storage logistic consulting including the processes of receiving, storing, and issuing an item

Maintenance logistic consulting

Other management consulting services etc.

Departments Process

Financial business process such as financial transaction processing, credit card processing, payment services, lending services

Human resource business process such as benefits administration, payroll processing, personnel administration

Supply chain management business process such as inventory management, procurement services, logistics services, production scheduling and order processing

Customer relations management business process such as help desk, call centre, customer service

Vertical market business process, conducted by specific industries such as electric, chemical, petroleum

Other business processes for a client


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